Linda Kessler Photography


An artist is required to observe her/his work and find purpose or reason in preparation for writing an artist’s statement. Rather than discovering why I do what I do it is the photographs, which have informed me. My work seems to compensate for what I lacked, missed or craved in my noticing the interactions of people to one another and to their environment. Certainly in my period of photographing photojournalistic portraits of babies, children and families I became aware that I longed for the intimacy that was evident in the interactions of parents to children and parents to one another.

In 2017 I lived in Paris for three months and in 2018 Barcelona for six months. During both of these times I traveled to other cities within France and Spain, and other countries including Morocco and Portugal. My life in these places had become a daily observation of life around me, of people — behaviors, exchanges, glances, sometimes familiar and often singular. However, my own singularity afforded me the space to capture without distraction and notice. It was that split second that I unconsciously found something that I felt in my gut.

It was the nature of seeing through a small viewfinder, in my anonymity that I engaged with the intimacy, of split seconds in repetition with each shutter release of the camera. In my travels, whether in NYC, my home, or other places, I notice, as an outsider gazing at human nature, often with a smile, of the commonality we possess and the similarity we may feel. I’ve discovered it is not so different from one city, town, village or country to another. At the end of the day holding hands was one of the most ubiquitous and noticeable.